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Ironer Guide Tape Laundry Flatwork Guide Tape

Item No.: L-030
The guide tapes are designed for ironing calenders. Our ironer guide tapes are made of polyester, meta-aramid/polyester and 100%meta-aramid, cater for any need.
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Ironer Guide Tapes are high temperature textile material which be common in commercial flatwork ironer working with Ironer padding and Ironer belts,it can promote the smooth transition of linen throughout the ironing process to running top efficiency.
Hongkong xinyun have four type guide tap, made of 100%polyester, meta-aramid/polyester and 100%meta-aramid, below are details.

We also offering suture tool for laundry ironer guide tapes, more detail click.
L-031 Polyester guide tape
Working temperature under 160-  180°c
For steam heated ironing   
Width: 13mm/15mm/19mm/20mm
Package: 100m/box or 400m/spool
L-032 meta-aramid/polyester guide tape
Working temperature:180- 210°c
For gas or electric heated ironer
Width: 13mm/15mm/19mm/20mm
Package: 100m/box or 400m/spool
US type ironer guide tape
Can make Polyester or meta-aramid/polyester