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Cement Air Permeable Fabrics

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Cement Air Permeable Fabrics, Air Slide Belt

We offer the finest solid woven and nonwoven air permeable fabrics available, These fabrics are engineered specifically for air gravity conveyors and fluidized beds. These fabrics are used in pneumatic conveyors to transport fluidized dry bulk powders such as cement, barite, silica, alumina, and chemical or plastic resins.

* Needled Air Fabrics (Polyester/Aramide) which designed specifically for air gravity conveyors, Below are advantages over woven air permeable fabrics:

-This material does not require stretching,because Polyveyor already has the proper permeability. 
-Simply install Polyveyor taut over the air chamber and bolt in place. 
- prior to installation and will not unravel when cut or punched. 

* Air Permeable Solid Woven( Polyester/cotton)
These solid woven fabrics are made of 100% spun polyester fibers and the multiple plies are interwoven for superior strength and abrasion resistance. 

 Air slid belt also be called Air Permeable Fabric, Air slide cloth, Air Slide Membrane, Air Slide Canvas, Canvas Cloth, and fluidizing fabric, etc.
Thickness:  5mm-10mm and other customized thickness.
Width: 150mm to 1600
Heat resistance: 160 ℃ ~ 230 ℃.

Technical parameters of Spun polyester air slide fabric:
Weight    4000gsm+/- 5%
Thickness    6mm+/-0.3mm
Air permeability    85 L/m2.s+/- 10%
Elongation (Strength:2000N/2cm )    Warp    2.1%
Weft    1.0%
Working  temperature    160℃

  Woven fabric material:
- Polyester:Working  temperature    160℃
- cotton, cotton absorbs humidity
- Aramide, for high temperature end use up to 230°c.