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Food Drying Belts

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Food Pasta Steaming Conveyor Belt

Rice noodle steaming belt,Noodle Production Line steaming cloth belt /PTFE mesh  of conveyor belts that are used to steam pasta.

Food drying belts for industrial scale food drying which can take place on continuous moving conveyor belts.  Large ovens are used to carry uncooked pasta through high volume industrial steaming ovens. This allows steam to circulate around the pasta whilst being supported by the belt.

We offer our belts with The benefit to this edging is it is super strong and flexible and extremely resistant to steam and heat. 
 According to the needs, choose different materials, the size is not limited.

Polyester mesh cloth
Polyester cloth
PTFE mesh conveyor belt
PTFE cloth
Wire cloth belts

We are offering: 
Polyester mesh cloth
Filter cloth Belt filter 
Food pho noodle conveyor belt

PTFE mesh conveyor belt
PTFE glass cloth 
Wire cloth belts