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Corrugated cardboard Belts

Description inquiry
Press Corrugator Belts is woven cotton conveyor belt which is used in corugated cardboard box manufacturing industry.Papers are passes between two conveyor belts to make multiple ply corrugator paper. Corrugated cardboard Belt have been specially developed for the transport of board and optimization of the drying processing.These belts provide to carry the papers which using in corrugator paper production machines.Conveyer belt has two types: cotton woven belt and needled felt belt.

Technical Data
Polyester Woven Synthetic & Natural Fiber

Weight Thickess Coefficient 
Permeability Heat-resistance Speed Width
 7500 +/- 400 g/m² 9 +/- 0,3 mm,
Perfect homogenous
0,25 160 +/-15 m3 200°C 100- 300 m/min  1400mm to 3200mm

Corrugator Belts can be joint through special wire hook fastener easily on site.

P-011: Ordinary type thickness 9mm corrugator belt.
P-012: Corrugator belt with reinforced aramid (Kevelar) inwoven adge for frequent(belt egde up to 350°C, high speed production demand).
P-013:Thickness 5mm woven belt(width range:500mm-1600mm.
P-014: Non-woven needle felt felt belt( Material Polyester/Aramid, Thickness 10mm4000g/m2; Width range:unlimited size).

Our corrugated board belts advantage:

1. Connect and provide tension: the connections dry and wet end of the transmission chain equipment to provide tension, straight pull, evened out corrugated board to avoid the glue between the wire and cardboard small displacement.

2. Transfer corrugated board tile line with a dedicated production line is transmitted by frictional drag, will not damage the surface of the cardboard.

3.Conduct Pressure: gravity roll conveyor to the linear pressure by converting itself into a flat pressure transmission to the cardboard, so that there is sufficient bonding pressure and in a multilayer single-faced corrugated paper, tissue paper, adhesive glue after.

4. Moisturize Powder Wet: Hot plate heat to the paperboard still above ambient temperature baking heating belt transmission to the cardboard, paperboard prompted adhesive between timely uniform paste, while adhesives water by absorbing parts of the conveyor belt of the board to achieve rapid drying effect.

Name Material Thickness Width Liner speed
Woven corrugator belt polyester/kevlar 7-10mm 1.4m-3.2m 100 -350m/min 
Needle corrugator belt polyester 7mm-12mm Max.3.3m