Construction Industry Felt Belt Cloth

Filter Press Belt Cloth Belt

Mesh belts can filter press cloth widly used in dewatering of sludges, chemical filter belt, filter belts for filtration of metal concentrates, industrial minerals and tailings.
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Filter Press Belt dewatering of sludges, chemical, paper, mining ,filter belts for filtration of metal concentrates, industrial minerals and tailings

The belt filter cloth (sometimes called  press belt) is an industrial piece of equipment used for solid/liquid separation, in particular is used in the dewatering of sludges in the chemical, food, minerals & mining  and wastewater industries.

Our filter press belts are very strong and abrasion resistant, they have high dimensional stability during machine load and their edges are reinforced. Fabric construction ensures good drainage of liquid and at the same time prevents the extrusion of the sludge cake through the fabric.

Our filtration felt belt have been used in for filtration of metal concentrates, industrial minerals and tailings,highly suitable for fine particle filtration, filter belt absolute freedom from folds, good cake separation and excellent dewatering behaviour (maximum width 4.5 m).To create an endless belt, filter fabrics are joined by the detachable stainless steel clipper seam ( 316) or the permanent woven seam, they can be individually used in most different areas of application on the following systems: Filter belts for belt filters, tower presses,  double-belt presses

There are two kinds of industrial press filter belts, Woven Filter Cloth  and Needle Non-woven Filter Belt :

* Woven Filter Mesh Belt 
Synthetic monofilament of PP & PET, double layer 
Smooth surface for cake release easily
High strength, low elongation
Max. width 460cm available

*Needle Non-Woven Filter Cloth Belt
It is made of double layer synthetic monofilament as the base fabric and needle-punched multiple layers of fibers, felt belts are pre-stretched to minimise shrinking and stretching.
Material have polyester, nylon, pps or aramid, the seamless overlap of the  non-woven filter  belt allows for a smooth transition at the scraper.