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Cotton Biscuit Webbing Biscuit Cotton Belt

Item No.: B-082
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Cotton Biscuit Webbing/ Biscuit Conveyor Beltmainly used in heat resistant, oil resistant, skid resistant and non-toxic environmental food industry, such as biscuit making industry, and dough conveyor. Endless Natural woven cotton belt apply to rotary moulder belt, Rotary cutter belt, General 
Weave Pattern :plain weave

We use 100%cotton, high weft density, high strength, flat surface,sturdy and durable,non-toxic, tasteless, low elongation, 200°c heat resistance and non-stick to the products and conveyer belt, etc.

Fabric Type: 100%Cotton,   Polyester/Cotton 
Construction: Truly Endless Woven - no joint or splice 
Edging: Woven selvedge  
Knife-edge Diameter Ø: 4mm 
Thickness: 1.5mm - ,3.0mm

Thickness Weight Type Spec. Feature/Usage
1.5mm 1200g/m2 Open W: 200- 1300mm
Max.L : 60meter
Single layer is mostly used
for molding, conveying
2mm-2.5mm 1500g/m2 Open/
W: 300- 1600mm
Max.L : 100meter
Double layer, it is mostly
used for biscuit drying and
3mm 2000g/m2 Open/
W: 600- 1600mm
Max.L : 100meter
Double layer, it is mostly
used for cooling
5mm  4000g.m2 Open W:200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm, 600mm  

Cotton PVC Conveyor Belt
Belt type:Cotton + PVC 
Good resistance to animals, vegetable and mineral oils and fats.
Application:Food Processing, Paper Converting

PU belts and PVC belt use on conveying and drying which are 100% toxic-free, excellent performance due to their dimensional stability, good product release, resistant to high temperature, abrasion, vegetable and animal oils and greases.