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Heat Transfer Printing Felts Calender Heat Press Felt Sublimation Nomex Blanket

Item No.: ET-P1
Heat press calender felt made of 100%nomex offer high heat-resistance sublimation printing on fabric, stable quality .
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Heat transfer printing felt also called calender heat press felt, Sublimation printing blanket,nomex endless felt is used on a rotary drum heat transfer printing roll calender under the high working temperature,dye sublimation printing blanket uses heat to transfer ink from a paper backing onto specialty materials, including fabrics and ceramics.

The function of the nomex felt is heat resistance against the heat drum to press the pattern sublimation on the fabric, and through the printed paper to make a precise colors and reproduce the picture on the processed fabric with the sharpest definition, Some calender machine working with  teflon mesh belt endless felts clean by nomex sheet, this endless nomex felt for sublimation printing aslo special for roll to roll heat sublimation machine.

We are the sublimation heat transfer printing felts manufacturers available to offer custom-made .
It is suitable for fabrics of appare Sportswear, Swimwear, and Outdoors Banners, and Flags , etc.

Our heat press transfer felts are used on following transfer printing machine brand:
Monti, Practix, Pengda,Transmatic, Lemaire, Sorim, Studio FX, Stork, Bates, Wuppertal, Kristall, Sublistatic...

Product Details:

Machine applied Felt types Material Working temperature Thickness Density Maximum width Maximum circumference Application Called
Heat transfer printing machine ET-P11(1) 100%Nomex, 
Nomex mix polyester
7mm to10mm
2800g/m2- 5000g/m2
Normally cloth sublimation calender felt, nomex endless felts
ET-P11(2) Elastic fabric,such asswimwear,swimwear

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Textile pritning felts & and belts on heat roller durm machine:

 Items Max working °C  material Photo Characteristics
Heat transfer printing felts
240 100%Nomex Rotary Drum  printing calender dedicated
Thickness 6-10mm
Printing dryer belts(needle sprial belt)
180-240 Reinforced spiraled+Nomex Printing dryer  dedicated
Thickness 3-8mm
Dryer belts
160 Reinforced spiraled  polyester Printing dryer  dedicated
Thickness 2mm
Dryer teflon mesh belts
260 Fibreglasscoated with PTFE Printing dryer  dedicated
Thickness 1mm
Heat Press pad
160-240 Polyester &nomex
Flat Bed Heat Press
Thickness 2-20mm
Nomex strip
240 Nomex Function cleaning roller ink