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Feed sammying machine felt for leather processing

Our rotary sammying felt help the machine to associated with a powerful pressing that leaves leather perfect in every point.

In a word, it is used on preliminary processing: through high pressure to take out the water and fats from raw skin, to become leather, so the Endless Felt Sleeves For Tannery usually use by paris.


From this processing, you may know that the sammying leather felt is very important. Our felt can dehydrate, degrease and drainage quickly, performance stability.

About the continuos sammying machine for sole leather, we provide different material and style according to your machine model.


Ironing and embossing felts
Material Density Thickness
70% wool - 50% synthetic fibres 6000g/m2 – 9000g/m2 11mm – 14mm
30% wool - 70% synthetic fibres 8800g/m2 – 10500g/m2 18mm – 20mm

Embossing felt pads for hydraulic presses
100% wool felt sheets are used to benefit from this property for ironning, pressing and printing, the standard thickness is 20mm.

To avoid Scrape and fuzz in transportation, we will cover a thin film on surface, and then pack by woven waterproofing bag and carboard.